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Speedway Race Fuels was founded in 1984. As the Stock Car Products dealer for the Phoenix area, we began by providing trackside service to racers at Manzanita Speedway with a single drum of race gas. Demand quickly grew and soon we were taking two, then three and four drums to service the hundred-plus car counts of that era.

At the end of the 1987 season, we were considering getting out of the race fuels industry due to problems with our supplier. However, at the SEMA show that year, we were introduced to Sunoco through the CAM2 line of products.

In January of 1988, CAM2 of Arizona was launched and began carrying many different blends of racing gasoline. We also began to supply methanol to racers at Manzanita Speedway, and were the very first sponsor for both the Stock Car Racing Association and Arizona Sprint Car Association sanctions. We also began various fuel programs for other racing groups around Arizona. In addition to those roots in dirt track competition, we began supplying fuels for drag racing, off-road, motorcycle, sports car and pavement racing, and numerous recreational uses.

When Sunoco transitioned its promotion of the CAM2 brand to its own Sunoco brand, we followed suit, and Speedway Race Fuels, L.L.C. became Sunoco’s official Arizona distributor.

Since then, Speedway Race Fuels has become Arizona’s leading supplier of race fuels. As of 2007, we carry five brands of racing gasoline comprising over thirty blends in leaded and unleaded versions. We also supply methanol to just about every racing class that uses it, as well as methanol for bio diesel manufacturers and chemical companies.

With our focus on performance fuels, we have a unique, in-depth knowledge of the products. And because our trucks and equipment are used exclusively with race fuels, we don’t have the potential for contamination that you might experience with other distributors.

Combined with a relentless commitment to the highest quality products and dependable service, our competitive pricing and consistent selection of the latest performance technologies keeps Speedway Race Fuels at the forefront of the industry. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and thank you for your patronage.

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